1. Groups are organized into collections. To start a new group, first select the appropriate collection. Some examples of group collections include: Issue and working groupsSocial and support groups, and our local group collections: USCanadaEuropeAsia-PacificLatin America, and Africa & the Middle East

2. Once you navigate to a group collection, you'll see a link at the right hand side that says "start your own." The link is unique to each collection as it determines the collection in which groups are placed. Groups cannot be moved between collections. 

3. You'll then be taken to a page that says "Create Local Group." Read through the text and click "Set up an #MEAction Group" to continue.

4. Choose a name for your #MEAction group and set a group description. The name will be a permanent part of the URL for the page, but you can change both it and the description at any point down the line. Your name does not need to have #MEAction in the title – this is just the default.

5. If a local group, choose a location. The location uses Google Maps' database. This can be as general as a continent or a country or as specific as a full address. Choose whatever is most accurate for your group. (If you are in one of the virtual groups collection, you won't see this option.)

You will also be prompted to enter an image for your group. This is optional and can always be added later. 

Do tell us a little about yourself so that we can get to know you! All new groups will have to be approved by an admin. To speed up the process, send an email to info@meaction.net letting us know you've added a new group to the queue.

6. After your group has been approved, you should submit a new action explaining to the community the goals and vision for the group. This will help us to promote on our social media channels and help you recruit new members.

Thank you for your energy, creativity and commitment!

Not certain where your group belongs? Browse the collections and see the groups already there. Another way to think about it: the issue and social group collections are virtual groups – they don't require a geographic location while the local groups do. If you have any questions figuring out where to place a group or how to define your group, you can always email us at info@meaction.net.